By taking pictures, I don't search a decisive instant but, on the contrary, both the previous moment and the following one can have the same meaning. In fact, by means of the addition or ensemble of moments, I can go in depth into phenomena that are repeated in a cyclic way. I try to express myself through a language based on the appreciation of minimum variations and movements. I am attracted by the idea of exploring things that could go unnoticed, since this research brings me to think about perception and the act itself of looking.

I am interested in photography as contemplation, also as a vital way of approach and discovery of the surroundings. Understood in this sense, photography is a slow practice that allows me to take consciousness of reality and present. In projects, I deal with the concepts of space, time, emptiness, fullness and the relations that are established among them based on the influence of light, which determines and modifies them continuously.



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